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Racks. Plates. Turf. Classes. Community. Coffee.
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Come out and test your max with the FST family.
All Levels Welcome!
FST Powerlifting Meet 2022
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Fitness for Everyone

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We pride ourselves on an open, accepting, community atmosphere at FST.
Training isn't just for athletes - it's for all of us. Whether you're a powerlifter, yogi, endurance athlete, new mom or retiree, you are welcome here.

If you want to get stronger, this is the place to do it. We've got barbells, bumper plates, power racks, sled & turf, a reverse-hyper (of Westside Barbell fame), classes, sport conditioning programs, and specialist coaches and trainers.

Stop by for a no-pressure walkthrough and see what makes us different.

GYM Membership

Functional Strength & Therapy

Open Gym



Get an open membership to use the FST gym any time during open hours.

Classic Membership



Access to the FST gym any time during open hours, plus:

Strength & Conditioning Classes
Body Composition Analysis

Personal Training

Whether it's weight loss, building muscle, improving strength, toning the body or training for a competition, our passionate coaches and personal trainers are here to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals safely and effectively!

Our personal trainers set their own rates. Come and meet them, and decide whose approach works best for you.

FITTER Together

FST Group Fitness Classes



We have a variety of group fitness classes to help you reach your fitness and health goals.

Classes are always FREE for VIP Members

Single/Drop-in : $25 per class
Package of 10 : $200
Package of 20 : $400

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Space is limited, so reserve your spot early!
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