FST Powerlifting Meet 2022
February 26-27, 2022
Stouffville, Ontario

Athlete Registration

Total Fee:

How to pay: via e-transfer to

Meet Day Tips


  • Arrive on time (times will be provided)
  • Official weigh-in is the day of the meet
  • Choose a male or female official to weigh you (wear what you like)
  • You will be given a card on which to write your 1st attempt weights
  • Give your lifter card to the official at the scorekeeping table
  • After all the weigh-ins are done, find your name in the schedule
  • You get 3 attempts for each lift, meaning you're doing 9 big lifts throughout the day
  • Write in your next attempt weight at the table immediately after your 1st and 2nd attempts
  • The center judge will give commands for each lift, described below
  • WAIT FOR ALL COMMANDS - if you jump the gun, you'll lose your lift
  • Lifts are assessed by 3 judges, who will each white or red light your lift
  • 2-3 white lights: good lift!
  • 2-3 red lights: you can retry the weight if attempts remain
  • You may quickly ask why you got a red light, but all judgments are final

Clothing & Equipment

  • Wrist wraps are allowed
  • Knee sleeves are allowed
  • Powerlifting or weightlifting belts are allowed
  • Singlet is optional, regular workout clothes are OK
  • Normal training leggings are OK
  • Tank tops are OK
  • Wear whatever bra/underwear you like
  • NO knee wraps
  • NO straps
  • NO squat suits
  • NO bench shirts
  • NO compression gear


  • Command to set up: "bar is loaded"
  • Unrack, stand up straight with knees locked, and make eye contact with center judge
  • Thumbs can be wrapped over or under the bar, but must be in contact with the bar
  • Command to initiate the lift: "squat"
  • Depth judgment: hip crease must be parallel or lower than top of knee
  • Bar cannot go back down at any point after you've started standing up
  • Arms cannot make contact with the legs in a way that assists the lift (e.g., resting elbows on thighs)
  • Feet must stay planted between the "squat" and "rack" commands
  • Do not dump the bar. Spotters will help re-rack if the bar starts traveling back down.
  • When finished, stand straight, feet still planted, and wait for the rack command
  • Command to re-rack: "rack"


  • Command to set up: "bar is loaded"
  • Tell the spotter whether/how you would like a lift off
  • Head, shoulders and butt must all maintain contact with the bench
  • Full foot (including heels) must stay solidly on the ground
  • Thumbs must be wrapped around the bar
  • Judge will ensure the bar is stable and still with your arms extended
  • Command to start the lift: "start"
  • Lower the bar to make contact with your body, but not sink into it
  • Bar cannot touch your belt if you're wearing one
  • Judge will wait for the bar to be stable and still at the bottom
  • Command to finish the lift: "press"
  • Bar cannot sink any lower or travel back down after the press command
  • Elbows must be locked at the top
  • When finished, wait for the final command
  • Command to re-rack: "rack"


  • Command to set up: "bar is loaded"
  • You may lift conventional or sumo, interchangeably
  • There is no start command - lift as soon as you're ready
  • Bar cannot travel back down at any point once upward motion has started
  • Bar weight cannot be supported by or rested on the thighs
  • Feet must stay planted through upward part of lift (rocking is ok)
  • At the top of the lift, knees and hips must be straight and locked
  • At the top of the lift, you must be fully standing up straight and still
  • Command to set the bar down: "down"
  • Bar must remain in your hands the whole lift - ride it down, but do not drop it


  • This is an all-levels event, so cheer extra hard for the beginners!
  • Anyone behaving abusively, destructively or otherwise unpowerlifterly will be asked to leave
  • Spectators welcome
  • Judge decisions are final
  • You will be given your official meet numbers at the end, along with your DOTS score
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