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Steph Thompson

  • Registered Kinesiologist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Joga Coach

Functional Strength & Therapy

About Me

I’ve been an athlete all my life.

Competing at the regional, provincial and national levels in several sports has taught me a lot about how the body operates, and about how it recovers best.

My health and fitness used to revolve around yoga and competitive distance running, until a broken foot put those on hold. During my recovery, I found my way into the weight room, and it is there that I found strength as a human, a coach and an athlete.

Years later, I still love to run and practice yoga, but it is the strength and conditioning programming that has changed my life. The gym and weight training have helped me to manage many injuries, and keep me competitive in curling.

My love of movement and a desire to help others ultimately brought me to earn degrees in both kinesiology and education. I now work as Kinesiologist and Strength and Wellness Coach in Markham Ontario, training competitive athletes – and those with an inner athlete – both in the gym and online.

As a coach, I strive to empower my clients through continuing education and experience. Beyond the personalized fitness programming and athletic coaching I provide, my clients also learn how to become more in-tune with their own bodies, improving their overall health and wellness.

My goal as a Kinesiologist is to provide the tools necessary for others to empower themselves towards leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and to bridge the gap that is present between rehab and performance.