Dr.Victoria West

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Movement, Function & Evidence Based Chiropractor

Functional Strength & Therapy

About Me

Hi! I'm Dr. Victoria West.

If you are on my page, I am going to guess you are either in discomfort from an injury, or because of something that came up and won't go away - maybe the last few days, or the last few years.

You may have already seen a practitioner, or a few.

Am I the right fit for you? Let me ask you a question...

Are you up for doing things a little differently?

My practice is a little upside down to what you might be used to. It's based heavily the research that shows that education and exercise are what keeps us moving well, and our pain at bay. Therapies like joint adjustments, medical acupuncture, Hypervolt Vibration therapy, Active Release Techqnique movement soft tissue work are only part of what your sessions will consist of.

I'll ask just one thing of you,

Before your visit, please let go of what you think and feel going to a chiropractic visit "should" be. This new model of care is going to mean we prioritize education tailored to YOU - the issue that brought you in as well as your lifestyle.

My promise to you? I'm not sending you home with a long list of exercises that are difficult to fit into your already busy life.

I'm going to TEACH you how to do what your already doing in your day, but in a way that's better for your nervous system, your joints, and your tissues. We will work together to create a lifestyle for you that means you are healthier and moving well - AND that you enjoy.

I'm going to keep it simple and just ask you to practice between visits. I'm going to make sure you understand WHY your pain is there and GUIDE you towards you being able to manage it, for good. How long that takes is a discussion between us at your visit.

If you are up for it, I'm looking forward to working with you, see you soon!

Initial Assessment 75min
Child Assessment (
Followup 30min
Followup 45min
Intensive Session 60min
Reassessment 60min
Assigned Care 30min
Assigned Care 45min
Assigned Care 60min